MIND BLOWING 17"+ Saddle Mountain HOLLOW Log Fossil Conifer Petrified Wood Slab

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This is a truly unique and absolutely mind blowing petrified wood slab cut from an ancient fossil conifer from Washington State's Saddle Mountain. This huge, glassy trunk cross section features dozens of tightly packed growth rings in what was a very slow growing conifer. This slab comes from one of the prettiest and gemmiest display slabs we've cut yet from one of the huge petrified logs excavated from the volcanic flows buried millions of years ago at this site. Much of the wood found at Saddle Mtn. is formed in the violent aftermath of volcanic events that left a lot of distorted stumps entombed in ash to petrify into the artistic gemstones we find now. By contrast, this slab is relatively well formed and intricately preserved. It shows a large hollow that almost certainly represents decay that took hold in the log before it was petrified. This is old stock material came from an estate that collected it over many years. This thick slab has been cut across the grain to produce an unparalleled display of natural gem fossil art. The darker interior regions are extremely glassy agate while the outer lighter zones are more opalized. The entire thing took an amazing polish! The finished result is one of the most visually appealing display pieces from this fabulous source I've ever handled! The color, agate density and wood grain pattern are superior by Saddle Mountain standards. The display face is polished to a mirror finish to show the color and wood grain in their full splendor! The rind is great on this one as well. One of the best we've ever done from this site!

This is a truly amazing, beautifully prepared petrified wood specimen that has been cut across the wood grain to reveal growth rings and wood characteristics that literally draw a gasp on site. It's a large, thick, standing sculpture from a petrified conifer tree and it turned out really nice. It comes from the Saddle Mtn. area of Washington State. This location produced quite a bit of nice petrified wood but a large piece of this quality is a pretty unique find. We were fortunate to be able to obtain some really nice rough pieces of petrified logs from this site from a recent estate purchase. The bookends and sculptures that we're preparing from the stone are really just a joy to work as the wood polishes so beautifully and no two are ever alike!

The best grades of Saddle Mountain wood were dominated by coffee and cream colors with bold streaks of rusty gold and coffee colors. The wood is preserved in a very high grade of agate that polishes like glass! The colorful display pieces were often referred to as "picture wood" by local collectors for obvious reasons.

You don't have to be a petrified wood collector to appreciate how uniquely beautiful this agatized fossil art from an ancient forest is. The interior looks to have been painted with a paintbrush on a creamy agate canvas. It's really stunning in person - the depth of color and translucence of the agatized wood can't be fully appreciated in a photo. I guarantee that once you've added this piece of spectacular, highly agatized wood to your collection you'll be glad you did. It's really gorgeous.

This stone has been professionally cut and polished to a mirror perfect shine. Our custom built polishing laps produce a finish unlike anything many collectors have ever had the chance to own themselves. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on!

This large slab measures about 17 3/8" x 12" and is cut about 1" thick. It weighs 10.18 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.