MAGNIFICENT Rusty Red 6" Argentina Petrified Wood Round - Solid GLASSY AGATE Specimen!

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This is a really richly colored and virtually perfect Argentina petrified wood round prepared from a very highly silicified, medium sized petrified log. You simply don't see these highly agatized, extremely well preserved specimens from this forest anymore and to find such a nicely prepared slab is a rare treat you should not pass up! These specimens are true collector pieces already and will only be harder to obtain in the future. The petrified wood from this region is so solid that it polishes like glass and produces some of the most beautiful natural artworks you'll ever see. I found one overlooked small log of this beautiful wood turned gemstone in my stone stash and decided to cut a few specimen slabs after seeing what was hidden inside! The agate is very hard in these pieces and this one polished beautifully to really let us show off our lapidary skills. This piece has a rough, natural rind around the perimeter of the slab that provides a stunning natural contrast to the mirror finished face we polished in our shop! If you're looking for a world class example for your collection you won't beat this smaller sized slab - or the small price tag either!

This is one of the most beautiful, complete petrified wood rounds from one of the most exotic new locations I've seen in quite a while. This very fine grade of petrified wood came from the southern tip of South America in Argentina! It is what remains of an ancient forest that thrived many millions of years ago. This round comes from one of the newest logs we've obtained from that part of the world. We were able to get some of the best logs we've ever seen a couple of decades ago that have long since been cut but I stumbled into one last highly agatized log from this forest and this round is one of the best we've finished from that acquisition in recent years. I was under the impression that Argentina wood was rather bland based on the poor quality, blah brown specimens I'd seen in the past until I came across these logs! This exquisite fossil specimen is a conifer of some sort, but I can't venture a guess as to which one. The color is quite striking and makes an immediate impression - the rusty red sections look like they were painted in the stone! I'm very excited by these new slabs and the wonderful, high quality specimens they've produced! Quality like this is hard to find anywhere and this important deposit is capable of producing some true collector grade rounds with color and wood preservation that rivals the finest specimens anywhere!

This top quality round is not only 100% there, rind and all, but it has some of the most stunning growth ring detail you'll ever see in petrified wood. If the timeless mystery of this piece isn't enough for you, then I'm certain the simple, natural, gemmy beauty of it will be. The colors are warm and rich and the entire piece is completely preserved in a very high grade of agate. The high agate content allows this stone to be polished to a liquid perfect, lustrous finish that only the best grades of fossil wood can achieve. The color is great and not quite like any other round I've cut from this forest yet. It's a great collector size to fit nicely into most display cabinets.

This specimen is prepared from a very solid log. It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from Sticks in Stones! Polished to the highest standards, we guarantee you'll be pleased to show off this fine specimen in your own collection.

This slab measures about 6 1/8" across the mirror polished face and is about 0.45" thick. Weight is 0.72 lbs. Stands sold separately.