MAGNIFICENT New Crazy Lace Agate Specimen - Fabulous 9"+ Display Slab!

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One of our best finds a couple of years ago was a miner who had a small shipment of some newly mined Crazy Lace agate from Northern Mexico! Crazy Lace was one of the first stones I ever fell in love with and one glance at this amazing agate pattern shows why! This is a new strike at the claim which is more seam and nodule oriented which means we're able to cut fortification agate patterns the likes of which I've never seen from this site previously! He had a single large boulder that showed particularly strong pattern on all sides with great color contrast. It was pricey and I passed it up, but a sleepless night changed my mind and I bought it the next day. This magnificent slab, cut from that boulder, is proof that I made the right decision!! You simply won't ever see a more magnificent representative specimen of this gorgeous gemstone! The virtually perfect fortification pattern is by far the most sought after among agate collectors and this represents one of the best I've cut yet! It's beautiful and very dense - an amazing find that we've prepared right!!

This gorgeous piece of Crazy Lace agate has patterns in it that were formed in a seam that sometimes "pinched off" to produce nodules. These nodules form more classic fortification agate patterns than the long famed Crazy Lace was typically known for. It's still a very "confused" arrangement of agate bands which is how the stone earned its name, but it's unmatched in beauty and detail! The colors in this new deposit are centered mostly in very, very finely detailed grays, whites and yellows, but you can find plenty of other colors packed within the bands of the best pieces! There is a fantastic display of subtly colored agate bands in this stone that the camera (and your 256 color browser window) simply can't do justice to. There are bands, and rings and plumes and eyes and crystals and little intricate lacy patterns throughout this beautiful stone. This one demonstrates exactly how the stone earned its name, displaying a pattern that shows off the best of what this Northern Mexico native has to offer. It's a very beautiful stone and I guarantee you'll be amazed how nice it is compared to the photo, particularly once you see our trademark mirror polish in this remarkable stone!

This agate is cut on a diamond saw, then sanded and polished on a series of flat laps to produce a flawless and lustrous polish that Sticks-in-Stones customers have come to appreciate as the best around! If you don't have any of our work in your collection you really should see it in person - I'm confident you'll be impressed!

This is a good display sized slab at about 9 3/8" x 5" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.42" thick. It weighs 1.44 lbs.