MAGNIFICENT 4"+ Whiteskin Agate Geode with LIQUID Polish - CABINET Grade!!

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This stone has one of the deepest, darkest geode caverns hidden inside that I've ever cut! It's a virtually flawless and perfect geode specimen cut from a hefty Brazilian "whiteskin" agate nodule! This is pear sized half nodule at a little under 1 pound. This is a classic Brazilian whiteskin agate nodule with an absolutely uncommon liquid perfect polish. The outer bands of agate framing the crystals are highly translucent and richly colored. These beauties really let us show off our lapidary skills and the polish on this one is no exception! The lustrous agate opens to a very large drusy crystal center in the middle of a particularly dark and richly colored agate. This is a full skin, full pattern half nodule prepared as only our shop can - see for yourself in the liquid perfect finish on this stone! Ships complete with the display stand shown.

Most of you have seen us rave (maybe even brag) about our polishing skills, but only a relative few have been lucky enough to win a top grade stone collectible where you had the opportunity to inspect it for yourself. This attractive little whiteskin agate should provide you a chance to pick up a nice little agate with a completely uncommon shine! I guarantee you'll know the minute you open the package what it is we've been raving about all this time!!

If you aren't familiar with whitekskin agates, they are one of several varieties that are mined in Brazil. These agates are popular because they have such varied colors and almost never have any kind of fracturing. They have the potential to be polished to a liquid perfect finish, but few of the specimens you will see in retail shops have been treated well enough to see it. We picked up a small collection of these nodules several years ago and have been cutting them slowly. We produce only a small number of these pieces each year and we're quite confident ours will stand out in the crowd as the most highly polished stones you've seen!

Like everything we prepare here at our shop, this stone has a professional grade polish that you won't find in the mass market retail shops. This stone has been sliced with a diamond saw and polished on a series of flat laps that we built to give a liquid perfect polish to this natural gem surface.

It measures about 4 1/4" x 2" across the polished face and weighs 0.92 lbs.