IMMACULATE 6.5" African Rhexoxylon mirror polished slab - RARE GEM Fossil!!

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This is a really premium cross section specimen from the trunk of a fabulously well preserved Rhexoxylon from Zimbabwe, Africa. It's one of the rarest of the fossil plants we've had the privilege of working with and one of only a few that we've auctioned this entire year. This one is a medium sized specimen and represents one of the most perfect shapes I've seen from this ancient forest, and it's arguably one of the most perfect examples I've cut. The color in this one is particularly rich for the region as well and it took a fantastic finish to bring both the color and fossil detail to their full glory! We've lapped and polished it to a mirror perfect finish to produce a true museum or showcase specimen. This one is complete and nicely shaped with the pith of the plant centered in the mirror polished face. The edges are nicely articulated and appear very complete. It represents a full, complete round and is a perfect slab taken from the center of the log. We rarely come across this material and may never be able to acquire it again so don't miss the chance of adding one of these unique and amazing slices to your petrified wood collection!

This unusual looking specimen is a Rhexoxylon. It was thought to be a vine like plant with a woody trunk. It's very old (from the Molteno Formation -- Mid-Late Triassic). This one has very nice cell structure in the unusual formations that make up the pattern within the trunk cross section. The large hollow center is characteristic of the species. These fossils are particularly rare and good solid agatized ones like this are a special treat for petrified wood collectors. The wood has a very high silica content so we're able to coax a really nice polish out of the specimen.

This is one of the few complete rounds I was able to obtain from an importer earlier this year. I hand picked the best specimens from the lot and then prepared them in my shop to produce true collector grade specimens. If the timeless mystery of this piece isn't enough for you, then I'm certain the simple, natural, gemmy beauty of it will be. The colors are high contrast and the wood grain is unique to this exotic species.

This round is cut from the center of a very solid log. It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from a business named "Sticks-in-Stones"?! We've applied all of our considerable lapidary skills to bring out a mirror finish and produce a specimen worthy of display in your own collection.

This nice piece measures about 6 1/2" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.39" thick. Weight is 0.78 lbs. Stands sold separately.