BEAUTIFUL WOODY & KNOTTY 8"+ Eagle's Nest Petrified Wood Round - Spruce!

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We don't see petrified logs from this location very often and when we do, and finding a full round is rarer still. This log came from an estate we purchased last summer and this was one of the very best logs in the lot. The notes included with the two small log sections we obtained identified the location as the Eagle's Nest petrified forest south of Burns, Oregon. This end of the log produced really rich, golden colored petrified wood that isn't quite like anything I've seen before - it's absolutely beautiful! I have personally only visited this site once and it was many, many years ago. The bugs from nearby Malheur Lake were so aggressive that we quickly abandoned our exploration and left the site to the swarms of biting insects and poisonous spiders that have called it home for eons. But before they were there, a spruce forest once thrived and this incredible gem grade fossil is the proof of what this formidable desert once was. You can see the detailed preservation of this magnificent piece in our exclusive micro-cam! This beautifully prepared specimen is virtually flawless save for a well stabilized fracture line in the center. Pieces this clean are something we just don't encounter in this quality very often from this site. Polished to perfection in our shop, this rare and beautiful piece is now ready to join your collection!

Exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones lapidary, this truly exceptional Eagle's Nest petrified wood slab is one of the best you are likely to see. This is a less often seen location for most collectors. It's a bug infested area south of Burns, Oregon. It features a good agate interior with very visible growth rings on the inside and wood texture so natural on the outside you might not think it was a rock until you picked it up! The structural preservation in this piece is incredible, as is the high agate content that allowed it to be polished to a mirror perfect finish. It doesn't show all that well in the photo, but this is a really nice piece. The colors are similar to the nearby McDermitt site though the species appears more consistent with the Hubbard site further south in Nevada. It's as unique as it is beautiful!

This full round cross section fossil treasure was cut from a short log with a diamond saw then ground, sanded and polished on a series of specially built laps in our shop to produce the highly polished face you see in the photo. This piece took a great polish and the detail in the face really is exceptional. While we're always working hard to find unique specimens to broaden your collection, it is ultimately the quality of our finishes that sets our pieces apart from the masses, and this one certainly does that!

It measures about 8 3/8" x 5" in diameter and is cut about 0.39" thick. Weight is 0.98 lbs.

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.