BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE & COLORFUL Polyhedroid Agate Geode Slab Specimen!

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This fascinating agate is one of the nicest I've done in a long while. Even if you've seen one of these stones before, you've almost certainly never seen one polished to the perfect glassy mirror finish this one is! It's also one of the toughest stones to photograph well. This beauty is bound to be a curious and pleasant surprise in hand! This incredible and completely naturally formed stone is a mirror polished agate slab (polished on one face, cut smooth and flat on the back) from a rare and fascinating agate formation known as a polyhedroid. This is one of the nicest polyhedroid agate specimens I've cut in recent years. It features a multi-colored, geode center in a truly flawlessly shaped agate. The shape of every polyhedroid is unique but they are always angular like this one. The crisp, full angles and the rich color tone make this stone one of the fancier grades of polyhedroids we've been privileged to cut. This one formed with a hollow center and would actually make a wonderful talisman!

This is a gem grade specimen cut from a truly unusual agate formation. It's called a polyhedroid agate. Its sharp geometric lines are thought to be the result of the agates forming form in the interstices between tabular crystals of calcite. In other words, the agate formed in the somewhat randomly shaped angled spaces between calcite crystal formations. The agate nodules themselves are sometimes hollow and the best grades feature sharp, colorful fortification agate bands that follow the typically triangular or trapezoidal shape of the pseudomorph. They are high quality agates, rarely having any fractures and capable of being polished to the highest quality finish the best agates can obtain. If you've followed our auctions, you know this is something we do better than anyone else on eBay! If you want to add a true showpiece to your collection that you and your friends can admire for years to come, you really should invest in one that's been prepared to the quality finish Sticks-in-Stones lapidary delivers on every piece! You'll see the difference as soon as you open the box. This exquisite specimen will make a unique and beautiful addition to your collection.

This mirror polished specimen is a virtually perfect slab taken from the center of the stone. It measures about 2 1/2" across the cut face and is about 0.29" thick.

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